One fateful night, Brad Majors and his fiancée, Janet Weiss — a wholesome, well-behaved, utterly normal young couple in love — innocently set out to visit an old professor. Unfortunately for them, this night out is destined to be one they will never forget. A thunderstorm and a flat-tire force them to seek help at the castle of Dr. Frank ’N’ Furter, an alien, transvestite scientist with a manic genius and insatiable libido. Brad, Janet, and Frank’ N’ Furter’s cohorts are swept up into the scientist’s latest experiment. The night’s misadventures will cause Brad and Janet to question everything they’ve known about themselves, each other, love, and lust. A loving homage to the classic B sci-fi film and horror genres with an irresistible rock n’ roll score, “The Rocky Horror Show” is a hilarious, wild ride that no audience will soon forget.

July 21 - 23, 2017

2017/07/21 19:30:00

until The Rocky Horror Show!

Directed by Rainee Angles and Benjamin Gullett
Music Direction by David White

Book, Music, & Lyrics by Richard O’Brien

The Cast (in order of appearance)

BRAD: Shane Taylor
JANET: Madison Hatfield
NARRATOR: Brandon Alcorn
RIFF RAFF: Elijah Long
COLUMBIA: Micaela Countryman
FRANK ‘N’ FURTER: Benjamin Gullett
ROCKY: Andy Amiott
EDDIE / DR. SCOTT: Owen Stanton
PHANTOMS: Courtney Beekman, Brynna Boone, Katie Cavendish, Hannah Hengler, Joshlin Lawson, Gideon Pickering-Polstra, Quinn Pickering-Polstra, Kara Russell, Ethan Shoemaker
INSTIGATORS: Nicole Hanks, Jenna Lawson, Jonathon Stewart, Sr.

The Crew

Production Team

Directors: Rainee Angles and Benjamin Gullett
Music Director: David White
Stage Manager: Paula Campagna
Assistant Stage Manager: Eric Silcott
Production Design: Rainee Angles And Abraham Martin
Costume Design: Laura Martin
Technical Director: Abraham Martin
Publicity Manager: Benjamin Gullett
Choreographer: Micaela Countryman

The Crew

Set Construction: Brent Angles, D.J. Griffith, Abraham Martin
Light Board: D.J. Griffith
Sound Board: Melissa Griffith
Props / Run Crew: Abigail Van Brocklin, William Stewart
Wardrobe: Zanna Haines
Make-Up / Hair: Zanna Haines, Joshlin Lawson
House: Charlotte Brown, Colten Countryman, Bronwyn Jones
Photographer: Sarah Jo Beyersdoerfer