November 3 - 5, 2023

In a quaint Indiana town during the 1930s, this gothic prairie tale revolves around a heartbreaking event that unfolds in the life of Buddy Layman, a burdened, but bewitching boy engaged in water divination for a nearby farmer. Buddy forms a bond with C.C. Showers, a traveler passing through the town. Buddy is deeply moved by both the arrival of the stranger, and C.C. is touched by Buddy’s own poignant story. This includes Buddy’s near-drowning experience during his childhood and the subsequent loss of his mother in the same tragic incident.

Directed by Rainee Angles

By Jim Leonard Jr.

The Cast

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    Payton Taylor

    Buddy Layman

  • null

    Chelsea Heifner

    Jennie Mae Layman

  • null

    Quinn Pickering-Polstra

    Ferris Layman

  • null

    Shawn Thomsen

    C.C. Showers

  • null

    Bronwyn Jones

    Norma Henshaw

  • null

    Emma Horick

    Darlene Henshaw

  • null

    Hannah Hengler

    Goldie Short

  • null

    Bob Brown

    Basil Bennett

  • null

    Paula Campagna

    Luella Bennett

  • null

    Brian Brown

    Melvin Wilder

  • null

    Camden Griffith

    Dewey Maples

The Staff

Production Team

Director: Rainee Angles
Stage Manager: Paula Campagna
Production Design: Brent Angles & Rainee Angles
Costume Design: Zanna Haines
Technical Director: Rainee Angles
Publicity Manager: Benjamin Gullett

The Crew

Master Carpenter: Brent Angles
Deputy Master Carpenter: D.J. Eckman
Charge Artist: Zanna Haines
Light Board: Amber Pickering-Polstra
Sound Board: Melissa Griffith
Set Construction / Painting: Cast & Crew, Linken Colville, Mark Holmes
Props: Brendan Bell, Christopher Cronan, Adam Finley, Mikhail Jurkovac
Run Crew: Brendan Bell, Jozlyn Napier
Wardrobe / Makeup: Amber Lytle, Jozlyn Napier, Amber Pickering-Polstra
House: Linken Colville, Aubrey Cox, Christopher Cronan, Adam Finley, Mikhail Jurkovac, Shyann Shull
Photographer: Sarah Jo Beyersdoerfer


Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the performance.
For Buddy Layman: Brendan Bell
For Melvin Wilder: Adam Finley
For Dewey Maples: Christopher Cronan

Production Photos

Special Thanks

Tyler Bick     Elizabeth Burkard     Gene Cahall     Dr. Erika Goodwin     Becca Griffith     D.J. Griffith     Victor and Lisa Haines     Leslie Holmes     Makenna Jurkovac      Ralph Malicoat     Elena Pickering-Polstra     Dr. Nicole Roades     SSCC Faculty, Staff & Administration     Dr. Jessica Wise