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May 30, 2012

“With the help of Mr. Durang, the fine art of parody has returned to theater in a production you can sink teeth and mind into, while also laughing like an idiot. Parody of this comic verve is as much fun as the sort of marvelous party Noel Coward once sang about. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.” —NY Times.

Directed by Rainee Angles

By Christopher Durang
Narrator Dialogue by Benjamin Gullett

The Cast & Plays

The Narrator: Bob Brown

The night begins with “Medea,” in which Medea and her chorus of three men try to figure out if it’s appropriate to kill your children to punish your husband. Jason shows up; so does a messenger with news of Lady Teazle; and a deus ex machina comes down from the sky to cheer everybody up.

Medea: Veronica Carpenter
Chorus: Benjamin Gullett, Jeff Horick, Bryan Kessinger
Jason: Deven Rine
Messenger: Cody Pollard
Angel Ex Machina: B.G. Prater

Then, in “Canker Sores and Other Distractions,” a man and a woman, previously married, try to reconcile over dinner, but a canker sore and a talkative waitress ruin everything.

Martin: Mark Holmes
Prunella: Leslie Holmes
Midge: Shelby Pittl

“Women in a Playground” showcases two women watching their children play; one of them is pretty normal, the other has a very pessimistic outlook.

Ethel: Tina Kessinger
Alice: Alicia Jones

Gretchen, nagged by her mother about her empty love life, calls a romance talk line, “1-900-Desperate,” and finds only other women and one man named Scuzzy. When a five-year-old child dials by mistake, Gretchen finds his innocent babbling preferable to all the adults.

Gretchen: Megan Marvin
Recorded Voice: Bob Brown
Sally: Kelly Devine
Zelda: Jenna Milstead
Little Boy: Corey Cloud
Scuzzy: Jeff Horick

In “DMV Tyrant,” a man goes to a clerk at the Division of Motor Vehicles and tries to get his license renewed with infuriating results.

Customer: Bryan Kessinger
DMV Lady: Kat Castle

During “The Doctor Will See You Now,” a raucous singer, dressed in sequins and boa, keeps bursting into noisy song in a doctor’s office. Mr. Wilson is there to see the doctor about an allergy, but the doctor and his nurse insist he has a venereal disease and call up everyone he knows, as a public service.

Woman Singer: Leslie Holmes
Mr. Wilson: Mark Holmes
Nurse Calliope: Hannah Hengler
Dr. Murgatroyd: Deven Rine
Recorded Voice: Bob Brown

“John and Mary Doe” introduces us to the idealized family: John, his wife, Mary, and their three perfect children, John Jr., John the Second and their daughter, Johnna. But things aren’t as they initially seem.

John Doe: Benjamin Gullett
Mary Doe: Veronica Carpenter
John Jr: Corey Cloud
John The Second: Jenna Milstead
Johnna: Alicia Jones
Recorded Voice: Bob Brown

Two strange sisters bicker about who did or didn’t kill their mother, and who does or doesn’t like pudding, in “Phyllis and Xenobia.”

Phyllis: Megan Marvin
Xenobia: Kat Castle

At a “Funeral Parlor,” a widow, is accosted at her husband’s funeral by a very inappropriate guest.

Susan: Tina Kessinger
Marcus: Cody Pollard
Mourners: Kelly Devine, Hannah Hengler, Shelby Pittl, B.G. Prater, Jenna Milstead

And the night closes out as Frank and Joe Hardy change sweaters a lot and look cute. The word “sleuthing” excites them and they’re off to investigate what it means that Nancy Drew has “a bun in the oven” via their school nurse, Nurse Ratched and their dad, Mr. Hardy in “The Hardy Boys and The Mystery of Where Babies Come From.”

Frank Hardy: Jeff Horick
Joe Hardy: Benjamin Gullett
Nurse Ratched: Leslie Holmes
Mr. Hardy: Mark Holmes

The Staff

Production Team

Director: Rainee Angles
Stage Manager: Micaela Countryman
Production Design: Rainee Angles and Abraham Martin
Costume Design: Laura Martin
Technical Director: Abraham Martin
Sound Design: Benjamin Gullett
Publicity Manager: Benjamin Gullett

The Crew

Set / Props: Drake Cadwallader, Matt Cowdrey, Sam Dean, Hannah Hengler, Roger Johnson, Seth Potts
Light Board Operator: Seth Potts
Sound Board Operator: Rainee Angles
Spot Light Operators: Drake Cadwallader, Matt Cowdrey
Costumes / Make-up: Marcy Grooms, Heather Washburn
Run Crew: Marcy Grooms, Roger Johnson
Charge Artist: Megan Marvin

Production Photos

Special Thanks

Julia Basham     Steve Bikowsky     Dr. Kevin Boys     The Highland County Press     Mike Knauff     Dr. Ryan McCall     Bryan McComas     SSCC Faculty, Staff & Administration     SSCC Student Government     The Times-Gazette     Sherry Tolle