The story revolves around the last days of Willy Loman, a failing salesman, who cannot understand how he failed to win success and happiness. Through a series of tragic soul-searching revelations of the life he has lived with his wife, his sons, and his business associates, we discover how his quest for the ‘American Dream’ kept him blind to the people who truly loved him.

November 3 - 5, 2017

2017/11/03 19:30:00

until Death of a Salesman!

Directed by Rainee Angles

By Arthur Miller

The Cast

Willy Loman: Mark Holmes
Linda: Leslie Holmes
Happy: Eric Silcott
Biff: Andrew Marler
Bernard: Shane Taylor
The Woman: Paula Campagna
Charley: Terry Washburn
Uncle Ben: Bryan Kessinger
Howard Wagner: Sam Stephenson
Jenny: Bronwyn Jones
Stanley: Matthew Waits
Miss Forsythe: Madison Hatfield
Letta: Cheyra Harperee

The Staff

Production Team

Director: Rainee Angles
Stage Managers: Paula Campagna, Madison Hatfield
Assistant Stage Manager: Shane Taylor
Production Design: Rainee Angles and Abraham Martin
Costume Design: Laura Martin
Technical Director: Abraham Martin
Sound Design: Benjamin Gullett
Publicity Manager: Benjamin Gullett

The Crew

Set Construction: Brent Angles, D.J. Griffith, Mark Holmes, Abraham Martin
Light Board: D.J. Griffith
Sound Board: Melissa Griffith
Props / Run Crew: Jonathon Beatty, Noah Eaton, Cheyra Harper, Jeremy Hill
Wardrobe / Make-Up / Hair: Samantha Gaddis, Zanna Haines
Ticket Staff: Jenna Horick, Jodie Hixon-Gabel
House: Charlotte Brown, Katie Cavendish
Photographer: Sarah Jo Beyersdoerfer

The Understudies

Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the performance.
For Willy Loman – Terry Washburn
For Linda – Bronwyn Jones
For Happy – Shane Taylor
For Biff – Sam Stephenson
For Bernard – Matthew Waits
For The Woman – Julianne Cartaino
For Howard Wagner – Jonathon Beatty
For Stanley – Jeremy Hill