(L to R) Brandy Chandler as Elizabeth Proctor, Emmy Lakes as Abigail Williams and Benjamin Gullett as John Proctor
(L to R) Brandy Chandler as Elizabeth Proctor, Emmy Lakes as Abigail Williams and Benjamin Gullett as John Proctor

The Southern State Community College theatre department is pleased to announce the cast and crew of their fall production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible.

The Crucible dramatizes the story of the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials in the late seventeenth century. Arthur Miller wrote the play in 1953, after he was accused of being a Communist. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller compares the Puritans’ mania to Senator Joseph McCarthy’s anti-Communism persecutions.

The Crucible stars Benjamin Gullett as John Proctor. Proctor is a farmer who has an affair with Abigail Williams (played by Emmy Lakes), his seventeen-year-old servant. After a misunderstanding with her uncle’s slave, Tituba (Sara Ledger), Abigail and her friends begin to name Salem witches. Abigail soon accuses Proctor’s beloved wife, Elizabeth (Brandy Chandler) of witchcraft, which sparks controversy between Proctor, Abigail, and village leaders.

The cast of The Crucible includes Ariel Thornton as Betty Parris; Bob Brown as Reverend Samuel Parris; Caitlin Ryan as Susanna Walcott; Kim Ellen Garvie as Mrs. Ann Putnam; Lou Pfaehler as Thomas Putnam; Amy Petzold as Mercy Lewis; Rachael Hall as Mary Warren; Carol Shull as Rebecca Nurse; Steven Butler, Sr., as Giles Corey; J R Butler, as Reverend John Hale; Daniel Bragdon as Francis Nurse; Mitch Gall as Ezekiel Cheever; Alex Hale as John Willard; Aaron Butsch as Judge Hathorne; Jon Davidson as Deputy-Governor Danforth; Betty Corbin as Martha Corey; Robin Butler as Sarah Good; Jonathon Severt as Hopkins; and Heidi Davidson and Molly Hensley as Abigail’s followers.

Rainee Angles will be directing The Crucible. The set will be designed by Brent and Rainee Angles. Other designers include Rainee Angles and Brian Duff, lights; Jon Davidson, sound designer/composer; and Rainee Angles, Joyce Wainscott-King and Mildred Wainscott, costume design.

Crew members include Christina Cadwallader, stage manager; Brent Angles, master carpenter; Daniel Bragdon and Lou Pfaehler, set construction; Brian Duff, light operator; Courtney Beekman, sound operator; Joyce Wainscott-King and Mildred Wainscott, costumers; Heidi Davidson, Sara Ledger and Amy Petzold, props/painting; Mitch Gall, Alex Hale and Jonathon Severt, stagehands; Molly Hensley and Jericah Shelton, makeup/costumes; and Elizabeth Burkard, Benjamin Gullett, Annie Rankin and Caitlin Ryan, publicity.

Come see The Crucible November 10 and 11 at 7:30 p.m, or November 12 at 3:30 p.m. Tickets will be $7 for general admission, and $5 for pre-sale, students, and faculty. For more information, please visit The Crucible section of our site here.