Over the past couple of months, an entire overhaul has taken place at SSCCTheatre.com. We’re very excited to reveal the newest look to our website, and hope that it remains as easy to use as before, and continues to be one of the best, and most comprehensive, community theatre websites.

What’s new?

Nearly everything!

A brand new logo for SSCC Theatre is showcased prominently on the new site.

Our menu has been updated to help better organize. You’ll find that now, when you visit a past production, you don’t have to click on the production, and then click the page you’re looking for. Each of the pages is now available from the drop down menu.

The search function is entirely improved, giving much better and more accurate results.

Cast / Crew biographies have been removed entirely. In their place, a theatre resume for each cast member and select crew members have been created. Now when you visit a cast and crew list, you can click on highlighted names to view all of the productions that person has been involved in.

For fun, a Statistics page was developed to give you some fun facts about SSCC Theatre. If you’ve an idea for what you’d like to see here, let us know! If we have the information, we’ll include it in a future update.

We hope you enjoy the new look and our new features, but we’re always looking for new suggestions! Feel free to send them off to [email protected].

Welcome to SSCCTheatre.com 4.0